Research Teams

1st Year Students

1st year SCALE-IT students are placed on research teams that expose them to a relevant interdisciplinary topic. The project typically takes up half of their SCALE-IT time (about [how many] hours) for [half a year, how many months]. Students develop skills learned in the Gateway Curriculum courses and further their knowledge of biology. They learn how to function as a team member is a interdisciplinary environment, collaborating and communicating with students of diverse backgrounds and skill sets.

2nd Year Students

2nd year students take part in student-developed research projects, recruiting 1st year students and non SCALE-IT students to be part of their team. They learn about setting research objectives and deliverables and have increased accountability for these deliverables. Students also develop team leadership and communication skills while having the opportunity to lead an interdisciplinary research team. Second year projects take 1/2 of the student’s SCALE-IT time for one year.

IRE Grants

After their 2nd year in the SCALE-IT program, students can apply for IRE Grants , which provide continued student funding for interdisciplinary research projects or Educational/Course development. This funding pays for 25-30% of their time while the student recruits students (from both inside and outside of SCALE-IT) and faculty into their project. Students heading IRE grant projects learn about preparation for grant writing and receive training and feedback on their applications. Students also have an increased leadership role in the formation of the group and execution of the research project. IRE grant applications are reviewed and awarded by committee.