The rapid increase of data-driven research has altered almost every facet of biology. This transition requires solid program content to ensure future educators and researchers can thrive in interdisciplinary research environments. SCALE-IT meets these challenges by offering cross-disciplinary “gateway” courses, integrating students into interdisciplinary research teams, and providing professional development training in both science and communication skills.

Gateway Curriculum

SCALE-IT created courses to enhance the cross-disciplinary abilities of biologists and computer scientists by offering them gateway courses into a cross-disciplinary field. The purpose of these courses is to provide entry-level training in programming and biology concepts, and give both computer scientists and biology researchers a common vocabulary and a realization of possibilities for collaboration. Read More about Gateway Curriculum.


Interdisciplinary Research Teams


The core activity of the SCALE-IT program is student-led interdisciplinary research teams. 1st year students learn the essentials of working in an interdisciplinary environment and team participation. 2nd year students gain team leadership skills and learn effective interpersonal communication while tackling novel research questions. After their 2nd year, SCALE-IT students can apply for continued funding through IRE Grants. Read more about Research Teams.

Professional Development

SCALE-IT students take what they learn and connect it to the research community outside of SCALE-It. Professional development in communications and the chance to attend national and international conferences help the students become well-versed in presenting ideas in a variety of formats. Read more about Professional Development.